We design and deliver workshops and provide individual consultations on appearance and business style, communication skills and personal branding

Corporate Workshops
Individual Consultations

Body language

We use body language unconsciously and we read it in others with a facility that we are unaware of. All these movements and gestures, facial expressions and change in posture are the most potent means of communication. Posture is a powerful business card and makes people think and act with more confidence and get more respected.

quote-icon When it comes to body language, there are some who have better vocabularies than others - Doug Larson


Is your image consistent with your corporate identity and brand, your professional skills and talents, your vision and values in life? When your image is of a high standard consistency, you act more confident, responsive and successful.

quote-icon Consistency is a standard below which you can not fall” – London Image Institute

Goal fulfillment

It is important to set up goals, but even more important to execute the actions. Roadblocks and challenges are actually self-imposed excuses and barriers not to look consistent. You might complain of your age and body shape, lack of time and money. If you make your priorities right, we can help you find answers to your roadblocks.

quote-icon If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to talk far, walk together - Chinese saying

Personal branding

A professional with a strong personal brand does not have to be a CEO or even an expert in a company. However, the process of personal branding is appropriate for all entrepreneurs, sales and market professionals, executives, managers and corporate groups. These professionals are definitely interested in high standard and excellent performance.

quote-icon If you want to understand a person, do not listen to his words, observe their behavior

Color Inspiration

People can virtually wear all colors, it is all about their depth, brightness and undertone. Using color theory and draping techniques we identify the colors that flatter you by analyzing your eyes, hair and skin. We can then provide professional styling advice to coordinate your outfits based on your color palette. Additionally, you will learn how to mix and match colors and use them for every occasion in your personal and professional life.

  • Individual color swatch wallet
  • Analysis report of your styling technique, advise on hairstyle and makeup
quote-icon All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites - Marc Chagall


Do you have a special event to attend? Do you shop on impulse or plan one major shopping trip each season? We will identify the colors and style to favor you and teach you how to shop to save you time and money to buy clothes to enhance your natural beauty. No time to shop or you do not like shopping? We do it for you!

  • Analysis report on color and style together with your color swatch
  • A new clothing capsule or a celebration outfit to make you look awesome
quote-icon You have a life more interesting if you use awesome clothes Vivienne Westwood


Your wardrobe is full of clothes but you have nothing to wear? Do you have tags still hanging on some garments? Based on our color and style analysis we will go through your wardrobe selecting your best clothing items and combining them into capsules for easy coordination. We will identify those items that require alteration, and suggest a list of items to buy to complete your capsules. Finally, if you are really attached to some items and can’t bear to part with them we can help you give them another lease of life!

  • Wardrobe audit with a picture guide of your individual clothing capsules for different occasions
  • Analysis report on color and style, mix and match recommendations and purchase suggestions
quote-icon Money is no guarantee of taste and an overstuffed wardrobe is often as bare as a skeleton when it comes to wearable apparel – Edith Head

New journey

Our goal is not only to bring out your natural beauty but also boost your image to achieve your personal and professional goals. The sessions are not a quick fix, but a coaching process filled with learning, laughing and looking amazing in the end!

  • Color Inspiration followed by Wardrobe Audit and Shopping Course to create your new clothing capsules and save you time and money
  • Advise on hairdressing and makeup to accompany you to these transformation sessions
quote-icon Great changes are always accompanied by a strong shake, it is not the end of the world, it is the beginning of a new one