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How you present How you succeed

How you present How you succeed

Are you going to speak on stage or give a professional presentation, conduct a business meeting or even go for a date, then you definitely want to look at your best! There is no second chance to make a first impression. First impression is crucial: you want to look credible, efficient, trustworthy and approachable. And the most important – Likable! While you are presenting, your audience might already be checking your profile on social media: how consistent, serious and professional it is. Is your content relevant and consistent to your Personal Brand and Image? If the consistency is missing or you do not dress and look the part, your audience will never believe you and not buy your idea, product or service, that’s the problem. This is where I step in with my team of experts to help you monetize your message, Rock your Image and Boost your Personal Brand!

Rock Your Image
Boost Your Brand


From the colors you are wearing to the style you are choosing there is definitely a formula to your success. What are the colors you select for your outfits? Which message you would like them to communicate for you to the public? Would you like to look more authoritative or friendly, approachable or creative? What is the image you are trying to convey?

quote-icon All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites - Marc Chagall

Mix and Match

Mixing and matching colors and styles is the most difficult question, my clients say. How do we combine colors? How with a set of one jacket, a few shirts, a few pants or skirts and accessories we can make up a number of different outfits for a number of different occasions? It is particularly useful once you are packing for travel as you would like to look distinctive every day though can not take your entire wardrobe with you.

quote-icon You have a life more interesting if you use awesome clothes Vivienne Westwood


Your wardrobe is full of clothes but you have nothing to wear? Do you have tags still hanging on some garments? Based on our color and style analysis we will go through your wardrobe selecting your best clothing items and combining them into capsules for easy coordination. We will identify those items that require alteration, and suggest a list of items to buy to complete your capsules. Finally, if you are really attached to some items and can’t bear to part with them we can help you give them another lease of life!

quote-icon Money is no guarantee of taste and an overstuffed wardrobe is often as bare as a skeleton when it comes to wearable apparel – Edith Head


Clothing is a foundation of your outfit, but your accessories are what really pull together the whole look. Adding a colorful touch, a sparkle, a character or setting a statement – this is what accessories do. Accessories are like herbs and spices to your outfit. Then why not add some paprika, thyme and curry to it? Just a little touch might change the look and bring it to a WOW level.

quote-icon Great changes are always accompanied by a strong shake, it is not the end of the world, it is the beginning of a new one

Personal Brand

Personal Brand is what people are saying about you when you are not in the room. What do you want to be known for? What are your values, passions and traits? What is the perception you are trying to project to the rest of the world? Let’s sit down, outlines those values, connect the dots and project your successful Image and Brand.

quote-icon Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. - Jeff Bezos

Profile Consistency

Whether you are applying for a job or giving a presentation, the HR department or your audience must checking your social media profiles to make sure it is consistent with your content and the brand you are presenting. Your Unique Value Proposition, the key words of your skills and values are crucial! We can help you groom your online image and brand to make it shine like a gem.

quote-icon Lack of consistency can bring on a lack of interest.

Social Media

How do you post on social media? Are your articles and photos give educational value, inspire and lead your audience? Or this is just about You, You, You? Remember, nobody wants to be sold, people want to be inspired, learn from you and share your human values and passions. We can seed help your seed your social media marketing plan to create more engagement and bring traffic to your pages.

quote-icon Don't build links. Build Relationships. - Rand Fishkin

Video Marketing

Today video is more important than ever: 70% of the content viewed today is on video. The fastest way for your audience to know you is by video! Having just a video is not enough, you need to have a good video which positions you as somebody different, as somebody unique. What we do with the Video Branding Power is we look at things like images, colors, makeup script to present your Unique Value Proposition in the best way to boost your Brand!

quote-icon Marketing is telling the world you're a rock star. Content marketing is showing the world that you are one. - Robert Rose
About Yelena Ganshof

Graduated in International Economics, with over 15 years of experiencein the Corporate area working in the USA, Russia, Singapore and Switzerland, Yelena is able to understand how important it is to help people build a suitable image to achieve their personal and professional goals. Certified by London Image Institute and as a skilled member of AICI, Yelena understands in a privileged way the needs of her clients, knowing exactly how to help them get the ideal image inside and outside their work environment. Read Yelena's full story

They trust Yelena

Take a look at kind words of our customers !

Alexandra Kilibaeva
Canton Vaud, Switzerland
Очень понравился воркшоп по цветотипированию, чувствуется профессионализм и креативность. Особо хочу отметить индивидуальный подход и отличные наглядные пособия. До воркшопа я и понятия не имела, что оттенки одного и того же цвета так могут изменить внешность. С одним оттенком ты свежа, хороша и молода, а другой делает из тебя уставшую с болезненным видом персону. Елена, спасибо!
Laura Dubois
Activatrice de performance professionnelle et commerciale, Canton Vaud, Switzerland
J'ai consulté Yelena afin de mieux connaître les couleurs qui e mettent en valeur. En effet, j'ai pu identifier mes couleurs mais ce rendez-vous a été au delà de mes attentes. sur 3 points.
D'abord, j'ai pris conscience des différentes nuances d'une même couleur. Comme j'ai la peau bronzée, je pensais que toutes les couleurs vives mettaient en valeur mon teint. En testant justement les différentes nuances de rouge par exemple, j'ai très vite compris que certaines nuances me vont très bien alors que d'autres me donnent mauvaise mine.
Ensuite, j'ai appris à oser marier des couleurs colorées. Avant, je ne prenais pas de risque, je mariais une couleur colorée avec du noir. Maintenant, je sais que je peux marier une certaine nuance de rose avec une certaine nuance de vert.
Enfin, j'ai appris comment accessoirisé mes tenues afin d'y apporter une touche d'élégance tout en mettant en valeur ma silhouette..
Merci Yelena pour ce ces belles découvertes et pour ton travail de qualité. Je te dis à bientôt pour aller plus loin notamment sur le côté esthétique.
Claudia Balan
Talent Acquisition Intern , Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland
A very well organized workshop in terms of topic and timing, concentrated and clear, with many examples. Truly enjoyed it!
Diana Ritchie
Executive Coach/Founder, Swiss Career Connections, Lausanne, Switzerland
A thought provocing presentation with lots of useful information, delivered with passion and enthusiasm.
Maria Gontea
Entrepreneur/ Founder, Beertrotter, Romania
Yelena’s workshop was an eye-opener for me as I have always chosen a conservative image and never explored ways to express my personality or questioned how a discussion partner perceives me in the first 20 seconds of meeting him / her. Her advice was so timely as I am starting up a new business and being able to articulate who I am in this new environment is the first step to success. Thank you, Yelena, for opening up a whole new world of possibilities!
Helen Fatkulbayanova
Executive Coach/ Motivation Trainer, Geneva Area Switzerland
Every day I am in front of groups of senior professionals, as a leadership development trainer and executive coach, and thus, effective look and correct clothing style are of great importance. During coaching with Yelena, I discovered the color palette that brings forward my best facial feature - my eyes -and highlights my natural skin tone. Yelena's highly personalized recommendations are easy to implement, do not require a big-budget investment into a new wardrobe and are applicable to both, professional and social situations. I warmly thank Yelena for my make-over leading to a greater self-awareness with which I walked confidently into the New Year!
Lindsay Glassco
International Social Development Executive, Lausanne Switzerland
I used to feel overwhelmed when I opened my closet full of clothes and felt like I had nothing to wear. Yelena cured me of this. After a discussion about my job and personal style, a body shapy and color analysis, Yelena helped me purge my wardrobe. It was cathartic. Her approach was honest, informed, and practical. With a touch of humour and sincerity, she highlighted the styles and colours which enhance my shape and desired professional image and also made some hair and make-up suggestions. Yelena has a great eye for style. I appreciated the way she helped me mix and match my current pieces and provided suggestions on additional clothing items to invest in going forward. I found it super easy to build a rapport with Yelena as she was very empathetic and demonstrated a strong desire to help. The experience of working with Yelena to refresh my look was fun and invigorating. My only regret is that I did not meet her 20years earlier!
Laura Penn
Founder, The Public Speaking School, Geneva Area, Switzerland
My eyes have been opened to the amazing power of Image by Yelena. From the colors that you wear, to the shape of your body, there is a formula for how to look your best. Guided by Yelena's professional touch, attention to detail and deep passion for this subject, I feel empowered, invigorated and excited to use my new knowledge in order push a more colorful me out into the world.

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